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Monday 6pm-7pm

High intensity interval training. HIIT will push you to your limits and have you sweating. HIIT consists of cardiovascular training with bodyweight resistance training mixed in. Weight can be added for those who are more advance. A flexible class which will suit all abilities. High intensity working intervals with active recovery in between pushing you to 80% of your maximum heart rate. Come and get your sweat on today!


Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-7pm

Circuits promises to challenge you! Stations hitting every aspect of our physical health. Resistance and weight training combined with cardiovascular training to burn calories and get a sweat on! Working on endurance, strength, power, coordination, balance and agility! Circuits could use set stations, TABATA, AMRAPS and EMOMs.



Friday 6pm-7pm & Sunday 10am-11am

Move and feel better with Ryan and Katie. Flexibility, mobility, movement, everything you wish you were better at is all covered in this session.
It's time to prioritize your bodies movement, get rid of back pain, niggles and sore joints. Help your performance in the gym or in your sport of choice.



Saturday 10am-11am

We have added to our normal CIRCUITS CLASS  with a Functional Fitness element that combines movement, resistance training and cardio workouts to get you blasting calories away but also moving pain free. 


Wednesday 6pm-6:45pm

Improve your core strength, balance and flexibility with this fun, whole body workout using the gym ball.

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