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Supplement Saturdays Ep.4- Mass Gainer

On this weeks edition of "Supplement Saturdays"... MASS GAINER!! Lets dive into this weeks product we can scrutinize.

Mass gainer is a high-calorie supplement that contains large amounts of proteins and carbs. Why both? Well, the point of a mass gainer is to aid in your weight gain journey; gain mass. When trying to gain weight you must be in a calorie surplus. This means you must eat more than you expend. Sometimes, that requires a huge amount of calories to be consumed and it is either deemed too expensive or unsuitable for a persons lifestyle. Up steps mass gainer!! As it is hugely calorific in a condensed powder, all you must do to consume anywhere between 1-2k calories is place the powder in milk or water and drink it: ideal!!

The specific goal of this supplement is to add muscle mass. This is achieved through the carbs packed in there but mainly the large amounts of protein. This is particularly useful for anyone struggling to add muscle. This supplement creates an easily accessible source of high amount of lean protein and carbs. This will aid in increasing muscle mass and weight whilst remaining lean.

However, with everything there is a cost. The average bag will set you back £40-£50. However, you have to "whey" up would you spend that on the excess food needed anyways.

I look at mass gainer in 3 ways:

1- Am I eating enough protein and cals?

2-Can I eat the calories through food sources?

3- Can I afford to implement it into my diet?

If yes to the first , no to the 2nd and yes to the last, go for it. You wont look back as you see the weight and muscle mass pile on staying lean. If yes to the 2nd, then try sourcing your nutrition through natural foods as much as possible. Ultimately, it will only benefit you if your struggling to put on size and mass. A lot of these brands also implement creatine into them!! Be careful though, just because you're on mass gainer doesn't mean you can skip meals or drop you food intake down. You must supplement it alongside a food first diet.!!

Optimum Nutrition are a great place to go looking for mass gainer!!

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