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SS Ep2. Creatine

What is creatine? To be simply put, creatine is a natural chemical you can found in your body as well as red meat and seafood. We can use this chemical to improve performance and increase muscle mass with the correct dosages and phases. when supplementing into a diet. It is regarded as the most researched supplement but is often seen by many as dangerous or bad or even illegal for athletes. However, it is all natural, safe and also ethical. So... no more hate on creatine now!!

What is creatine for? To get more technical with it, creatine is involved in making energy for your muscles., particularly skeletal muscles where we find 95% of our creatine in our body. These are the muscles we use during movements and are often seen as the most important for performance and aesthetics.

To dive even deeper, creatine is a combination of 3 different amino acids found in your muscles:

- Glycine

- Arginine

- Methionine

This compound is a huge component of how our body creates its primary form of energy within the cells of the muscle. This is what is known as adenosine triphosphate or ATP. When you contract your muscles explosively, creatine bonded with phosphoric acid creating creatine phosphate breaks down one of the 3 phosphate molecules in ATP. The energy released in that reaction creates the energy to fuel the muscle contraction you seek.

Creatine is created in the liver and kidneys and then primarily stored within our muscle cells. So, to survive, we do not need to supplement creatine into our diet as we can also gain it through red meats and seafood. That being said, the vegans and vegetarians reading this may be alarmed and going "where's my creatine coming in from then?". This is where supplementing creatine is extremely helpful and beneficial.

What does it do? Supplementing creatine simply increases your stores of creatine making more phosphocreatine readily available for your body. This means you can produce ATP faster. This effectively means that you can accomplish more work on the muscle before you fatigue. It will also draw water into the muscle cells making them more hydrated. This results in an increase in protein synthesis... your muscles will get bigger as they will intake more protein increasing their size and muscle mass. It also makes muscles look bigger and fuller, perfect for beach season!!

Should i get some? If you feel like you are plateauing in the amount of muscle mass and size you are getting in your progression, if you feel more fatigued or aren't able to recover as effectively or are struggling to gain it from dietary sources the absolutely. It is one of the most researched and reliable supplements out there and definitely has some amazing benefits. If you are at the bottom of the read and still aren't convinced its worth the money, that's fine. You gain it naturally and through your diet. I would just suggest you track the amount of meats and animal products you eat and seafood to ensure you gain the most out of your hard work.

If you're going to get some, follow this loading phase to gain the best results.

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