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Mobility Mondays EP.1

Ep.1 Mobilization Tools LEVEL 1

This level is where we see the easiest and least painful tools to use when you are super sore or new to mobilization exercises. This level won’t make significant change if it is the only level you use! However, we can use it as a warm up and to try and make progress to levels 2 + 3!!

Foam Rollers

This option is fine for a beginner or child but athletes need deeper penetration and greater shear to cause change in the tissue to see results that the foam roller cannot provide.

Yoga Tune Up Balls

These are the same size as a lacrosse ball but are softer and hold a sticker surface so won’t slip off the muscle as easily. This allows you to use different techniques or adapt what you might gain from a lacrosse ball. This is very useful if you have problem with your facias!

Alpha Ball

This is 3.5in in diameter and is a bit soft and sticky which is ideal for hotspot work trying to unplug stuck tissue like a knot where you are working one area constantly.

Coregeous Ball

This is an inflatable ball used for global gut smashing but is slightly sticky so can be used to unlock the psoas in the torso

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